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What is "leadership development"?

images of leaders

Before describing leadership development, we need to define what it means to be a leader. History provides us with countless examples of leaders. Current events and our life experiences provide even more. The scale of leadership paradigms ranges from absolutely terrifying to incredibly inspiring. One can be called a "leader," though how that person chooses to lead may be questionable, while other people exude believability and trust.

We all have inherent gifts and talents. Some of us are genuinely charismatic, approachable, and welcoming. Some are reliable, even-tempered, and decisive. Some people manage change and conflict with ease. Regardless of what our natural tendencies are, each of us has the potential to be a leader, whether in our personal or professional lives. Leadership development, then, is the exploration of a person's innate qualities, allowing them to utilize the best of their abilities and to strengthen the skills that may need to be fine-tuned.

That's where we come in. At Tri-Skill consulting, we work with individuals, teams, and learning programs to determine areas of success and of opportunity. Through partnership with you and your organization, our mission is develop each person to find and exceed their own potential. Based on our experience, that is a beautiful thing to witness.

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