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Do You Love Your Job?

Answer honestly: do you love your job? Do you even like it? If the answer is ‘yes,’ a truly enthusiastic “good for you!” You can go back to the Learning Library for something else to read because the whole point of this blog is about finding something you’re passionate about and doing that. If you genuinely love your job, be thankful to have a role you enjoy.

If your answer is ‘no,’ why are doing that job? Money? Bills to pay? Lack of motivation? Fear of change? If you’re really, really honest with yourself, do you do that job because it’s what you know, it’s easy, and it’s consistent? If so, join the club. Several sources cite that more than half of people polled are unhappy in their current position. The disaster that was 2020, shift in priorities, disparity over remote versus hybrid versus in-office, the economy, work/life balance and on and on and on . . . all of it contributes to how you feel about your job. For most people, that feeling is not so great.

Why do you stay? Because you have to? You have no choice? You have responsibilities to attend to? Maybe. But you also have a responsibility to yourself. Guaranteed, if you’re not happy at work, your team knows. Your colleagues know. Your boss knows. They might not care, but they sure as heck know, and that knowledge sits within them somewhere, consciously or unconsciously.

Here’s the thing: everything in life is temporary. Everything. The good stuff and the bad stuff. Going through one makes you appreciate the other. You are given a finite amount of time on this planet. You don’t know what that time is, but you can’t beg, barter, or steal for more of it. If you work full time from college through retirement, you will work for close to 95,000 hours. That is a long, long time to be unhappy.

So what do you do? No job is ever going to be perfect (or, the chances for that are very slim). Your best option is to find something that you’re good at and that you enjoy. The benefits of working in a field or position or organization that you feel passionate about are palpable to you, your employees, and your colleagues. The more in tune you are with your true gifts, the more you will devote to the betterment of your organization and to those around you. They will feel your dedication and enthusiasm, and you will be free to promote and develop them to find their strengths and talents.

Ask yourself these questions: do I love my job? Am I happy? Am I willing to make a change? Evaluate the answers, and the rest is up to you. Not sure how to proceed with those answers? Reach out to us. We can help.

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