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Guess What? They're Watching You!

Have you ever unexpectedly run into an old friend or previous employee, and they told you, “Do you remember when you said [whatever it was you said]? That really meant a lot to me.” Later, you walk away from the conversation and have zero memory of ever saying anything, let alone knowing that what you said made an impact.


They’re listening, and they’re watching. Your team, your colleagues, your clients, your boss . . . someone is always paying attention, whether you realize it or not. Knowing this, you must be aware of how you present yourself, and be the Leader you want your team to be.


Just because you’re the boss doesn’t mean you get a free pass to behave however you want. Just because you make the big bucks, you don’t have the right to show up late or not be ready or miss a deadline. In fact, as the Leader, you have even more obligation to be the example you wish to see. The performance of the team is on your shoulders, so anything that they do is a reflection of you. Why would you expect something of them that you’re not willing to do yourself?


Leading by example isn’t as simple as your behavior in a meeting or your presentation skills. Your employees notice your written and verbal communication – word choice, clarity, and transparency. They notice your non-verbal communication – body language, facial expression, and tone. They also notice the more subtle aspects of your leadership. Do you change or cancel meetings at the last minute? Are you approachable? Are you open to other’s ideas? Leadership is comprised of hundreds of actions and attributes, and you cannot be perfect in all of them. That said, when your team notices a disparity between what you say and what you do, or what you do and what you expect them to do, you’ll have a tough time getting them to follow in the direction you’re trying to go.


Rather, be the Leader you would want to work for. Set the example for the type of employee and future Leader you want them to be. Show up in as many ways as you can – advocate, listen, and pay attention – because you better believe, for better or worse, that they’re paying attention to you.

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