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Hey You

Social experiment: how many people are reading this blog? Not many.

Since this week’s topic is recognition, know this: it’s important, so do it. Praise in public (if that works for the person you’re recognizing), be specific, be genuine, do it now. That’s it.

As for me? Here’s who I want to recognize:

  • My mom. Since I told her I wanted to launch my own business she’s been unwaveringly supportive, as she has always been. I’ve done some crazy messed up stuff in my life, and no matter what, I know she loves me.

  • My bff, Stephanie. I can say anything to her. Literally. And I never have to explain. She gets it.

  • The incredible Leaders that I have worked with, who have been honest with me, who have recognized me when great things happen, and who have set me straight when I wasn’t on track. Thuy, I’ll never forget the conversation in the breakfast area at Gainey Ranch. Tiffany, I’ll never forget the conversation in your office about a year into my working with you at USH. Those were defining moments in my life, not just in my career.

  • Stephen King. He doesn’t know it, but his books and stories and On Writing have shaped me. FYI, I read Thinner when I was 11. My dad gave it to me on vacation at the beach in Misquamicut , RI (I love you so much, Dad), and I have never been the same. Mom was not happy about my reading choices going forward. 😉

This list is not even close to all-inclusive. I have a gazillion more people to recognize (Nae, Jess, Glenn, Luke, Cade, Joanie, Sandy, Nicky, Tracy, Tania, Tina Marie, Saif Ali . . . so, so many). If you’ve read this far, know that I appreciate you, too. I recognize you for taking the time to follow me, reading today’s blog, and investing in my success. Leave a heart or a comment in the post about this blog on Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn, and I will be certain to send a sincere message of gratitude.

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