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The Mind is like an Umbrella

Think of someone who has been a Leader in your life. Who has inspired, motivated, encouraged, and challenged you? Is that person a coach? Teacher? Boss? Family member? Now think of the attributes that make them a good leader.


When asked this question in a recent seminar, one of the participants said that he felt his dog was a good leader. In digging deeper, he said, “my dog is always there for me. She loves me unconditionally, she knows how to respond when I’m not okay, and she is always game for whatever adventure I take her on. She’s open to whatever because she trusts me.”




Life lessons can come from anywhere, if you can be observant enough to see them.


Open-mindedness is a powerful leadership tool, and lessons can be learned from the smallest and the greatest of things. While so many Leaders believe themselves to be open-minded, are they really? Ask yourself: do I learn from my team? Do I pay attention to their ideas? Am I dismissive of their suggestions? Am I humble enough to learn from my mistakes? Do I ask my employees for feedback, and then do I listen if they’re brave enough to give it?


Considering the variety of holidays and events, this time of year presents an easy opportunity to be open-minded. From Hanukkah, we learn that even the tiniest bit of light shines through darkness. From Winter Solstice, that change is inevitable and that we are capable of adapting. From Christmas, that adhering to your values and beliefs will bring reward. From Kwanzaa, that everything we are and everything we do is gifted to us by those who came before us, by those who have led us to this point.


As this holiday season unfolds, allow yourself to be mindful of the lessons it has to teach, and remind yourself, “the mind is like an umbrella. It only works when it’s open.”

open umbrella with rain


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